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    Hysek Replica Watches is an internationally recognized seal of excellence in design quality. International jury only awards quality seals to products that exhibit design excellence.

    "I want to express my sincere congratulations to the award winners for their outstanding success. Their outstanding design quality is evident in the fact that they were able meet the stringent criteria set by the jury. "The winners are setting new trends in the design world and are showing what the future might hold," said Professor Peter Zec (Red Dot CEO and initiator).

    Function and purpose follow form. designer replica watches Schmidt is a certified engineer and the owner of Hysek. This award confirms that the principles upon which Hysek's development and design are based still hold true. We believe that form should always be followed by function in designing watches, and that every watch should fit its purpose. We are honored to have been awarded this prestigious award for the bicompax chronograph 936. This award demonstrates that the exceptional design quality and uncompromising functionality a Sinn watch offers are not mutually exclusive. Lothar Schmidt says that we will stand by our fundamental beliefs in the future."

    swiss Hysek Replica Watches - The chronograph with 60 second scale for the stopwatch minute.The bicompax 936 is a timekeeping device that stands out because of its consistency, technical details, and clarity. The perfect readability and high mechanical resistance are the focal points of the bicompax chronograph 936. This results in space that is calm and purposeful. The hour and minute hands have been rhodium-coated, and are matt-brushed. These elements have a silvery gleam thanks to a coating of rhodium (a precious metal that is similar to platinum). This satinized case also has a polished glass rim. The second hand shines in red, however.

    buy Hysek Replica Watches designed the chronograph movement SZ05 in house. Hysek was focused on clearly displaying stopwatch minutes with a 60-second scale. This eliminates the need to add stopwatch minute, which is common with the 30-second scale. The 936 is resistant to pressure up to 10 bars, and can withstand low pressure. It also comes with Magnetic Field Protection. Tegiment Technology, which is a process that hardens the steel surface, ensures that the 936 remains scratch-free under heavy-duty usage.

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