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Welcome to the official Fhrx Studios website; thank you for visiting. During your stay feel free to browse the entire website, not only taking in what’s shiny and new but also what’s ageing and ancient too. Our news articles often run in conjunction with other media outlets including magazines, forums and Facebook. This is because we regularly contribute to the aforesaid media outlets various reviews, tests and articles.

Listed below is the latest incar audio / visual industry news as of Tuesday 11th April, 2017. If you have anything to contribute or if you would like us to report on a particular event, product or happening, please feel free to simply shoot us through an email.

Latest Fhrx Studios Sales & Group Buys. - 11/04/17

As many of you already know Fhrx Studios operates within a lot of different forums. This lends itself to a constant stream of organised group buys and to that end it's time for the next batch. Ergo if you're in the market for some high quality audio products at a drastically reduced price; either shoot us an email or head over to our Facebook page to see what's on the chopping block this week.

Fhrx Studios Commentary On Sydney SQ Society FaceBook Page. - 24/03/17

Confirming what's been long suspected; here's proof positive that the hearing abilities of Marty and Jaco are from another planet. To read the full commentary on the Sydney SQ Society FaceBook page click here.

The 'Not So Flash' Install Images Page Updated. - 22/03/17

Yes ladies and gentlemen; it's time for more random visual silliness, this time around showing exactly how not to do it! You know that saying "you can price match but you cannot install quality or experience match"? Well it's spot on - see cheap installs are exactly that and to that end a frightening proportion of our work here comes from fixing these types of installations. So click here to behold what you'll get for your cheap or free install.

Helix Component Speakers Now In Australia. - 14/01/17

We're proud to announce that various component speaker sets from high end German manufacturer Helix are now available in Australia. Exuding superb technological acumen; the Helix component speakers are a sure fire force to be reckoned with when aiming for high quality sound, but without infringing too much upon your bank account.

Helix components
Click on images to enlarge

To read more about these impressive components either email us else simply head over to the Helix page within our store.

Audison Adds Subwoofers To Its Prima Range. - 20/12/16

To suggest Audison's Prima range has taken off would be more than just a slight understatement. The Prima range, which was originally slated as simple factory upgrade; has grown exponentially over the last twelve months to such a point where it now canvasses literally everything from splits and processed amplifiers through to OEM integrated replacement equipment.

Click on images to enlarge

With the Prima range ever expanding; Audison has now added both subwoofers and passive enclosures to the stable, thus completing the line-up and affording you the opportunity to build your entire system from Prima components if you so wish. Not an unwise idea given the value for money represented henceforth. For more information pay a visit to the Audison website or simply shoot us an email.

Helix Upgrades The Mighty DSP PRO Processor! - 19/12/16

With Helix' transcendent DSP PRO already holding the prestigious title of arguably being earth's best car processor; it was going to take a monumental effort to top it. Luckily for us though that's exactly what Helix is in the business of doing; taking its existing high-end products and raising the bar to a point that would have a pole vaulter blushing. Welcome to the realm of the mighty Helix DSK PRO MK2!

Click on images to enlarge

Basically reworked and henceforth superior in every way; you can read the full rundown of its capabilities and the improvements affected to the design by simply clicking here. Alternatively feel free to email us for further information.

Presenting The New Brax Matrix Components! - 06/12/16

Just arrived here are Brax' latest masterpiece; the epic new Matrix series components. Featuring the ML1 tweeter, ML6P midrange and ML10 subwoofer; these components represent the absolute pinnacle of engineering excellence from this astute German manufacturer. Put succinctly the Matrix components are quite simply astounding in every day.

Click on images to enlarge

The offspring of one Audiotech Fischer; Brax represents the epitome of high end speaker and subwoofer design and manufacture. Or as the company so eloquently puts it: "Music is emotion. It is full of power and rhythm, purity and energy, tones and vibrations, joy and vitality. We make amplifiers and loudspeakers that truly express the magic and fascination of music - with love and passion, with precision and knowledge and the absolute ambition to create outstanding products for the pleasure of pure sound." For more information please click through the various links found here or simply shoot us an email.

Fhrx Studios' Online Store Updated With Specials Aplenty. - 12/11/16

Like clockwork we continuously endeavor to offer our customers the biggest range of genuine high quality products, not to mention throwing in savings aplenty. This not only pertains to brand new products but also various second hand, ex-demo and damaged but salvageable equipment - all with full new warranty.

You can reach our online store via a plethora of methods. Either click the menu button to the left or spot ad to the right, or else simply click here to head there directly.

Pioneer Rejuvenates Its Website. - 12/11/16

With the rejuvenation of its existing website being in the pipeline for a while now; we've all but waited patiently to see what direction Japanese giant Pioneer would take the new design. Because I think if we're honest we can all acknowledge the elephant in the room that was the dynamic functionality of the old website, or lack thereof. After a small bout of rectification rampage Pioneer has seen fit to present us with a fresh new world class website, indeed one which is not only clean and tidy but also looks exceptional, feels warm and fluffy and tastes terrific.

Click on images to enlarge

Carrying not only all the award winning Pioneer car audio gear but also everything from home theatre through to the professional DJ equipment; the new Pioneer website is plentiful and chock full of information and product rundowns. Ergo if you're looking to become one of the literally millions of content Pioneer customers then why not head over to the new Pioneer website for a look? Alternatively feel free to email us for further information.

Image Dynamics' New Website Goes Live. - 09/11/16

With some well documented political issues now resigned to antiquity, Image Dynamics in recent years has gone about evolving its stable in order to continue offering the world class product we've grown accustomed too. It's true to say however that whilst we all love the Image Dynamics product, the website has gone somewhat wanting hitherto.

Click on images to enlarge

Thankfully all that changed overnight, with the uploading of the brand new Image Dynamics website. Featuring everything from historical information and comprehensive range rundown through to the latest catalogue download; the new website is now doing the products the justice they're worthy of. So without further ado head over to check out the new Image Dynamics website. Alternatively feel free to email us for further information.

Mighty Cerwin Vega Is Back! - 06/11/16

Things may've have been a little quiet on the American front of late, thanks by and large to many concentrating upon the endless litany of European brands streaming into Australia. Nonetheless despite taking said short stay of absence from the Australian car audio market the US behemoth Cerwin Vega is now back and larger than life!

Click on images to enlarge

If you're of a younger generation and aren't across all things Cerwin Vega; the company has a long and distinguished history. Well allow it to take up the spiel from here: For over 50 years, the name Cerwin-Vega has been synonymous with excellence in every area of the audio experience. This reputation has been established by Pro Audio professionals, Hi-Fi enthusiasts and Mobile Audio fans that recognize the high-performance value which is Cerwin Vega. Dedicated to the pursuit of achieving ultimate realism in the reproduction of the live performance in the home, Cerwin Vega’s customer loyalty is second to none and has reached nearly cult-like status. As a result of this acceptance, Cerwin-Vega has grown from a small group of engineers headed by the legendary Gene Czerwinski into one of the foremost loudspeaker companies. For more information including the Australian range visit the Cerwin Vega website. Of course you can also just ask us directly via email too.

Diamond Audio Makes A Welcome Return To Australia! - 06/11/16

Just on the subject of high end brands that've taken somewhat of a hiatus recently; one cannot go past expert audio designer Diamond Audio which, as irony would have it; has just made a welcome return to the Australian car audio market complete with a stunning new range of audio goodies to showcase!

Click on images to enlarge

If a similar vintage to us then you'll remember the Diamond Audio glory days, when the mighty Hex Pro components dominated the competitions the country over. Well the brand has only matured with age, and to be blunt Diamond Audio is proud to celebrate over two decades of designing and engineering some of the best sounding mobile audio products in the world. For more information visit the Diamond Audio website. Either that else email us directly.

New issue of INCAR magazine hits the stands. - 05/10/16

The latest issue of INCAR magazine is hitting the newstands as we speak. This is one of many publications that Fhrx Studios contribute to each month. This issue sees Edgar, Marty and the rest of the gang converting their thoughts to print on everything from audio visual delights through to security systems.

Incar Entertainment Magazine
Click on images to enlarge

Grab your copy now!

The 'Not So Flash' Install Images Page Updated. - 28/10/16

Yes ladies and gentlemen; it's time for more random visual silliness, this time around showing exactly how not to do it! You know that saying "you can price match but you cannot install quality or experience match"? Well it's spot on - see cheap installs are exactly that and to that end a frightening proportion of our work here comes from fixing these types of installations. So click here to behold what you'll get for your cheap or free install.

Vibe Makes A Return To Fhrx Studios. - 25/08/16

If you're a Eurozone dweller and're into your high end audio you'll do doubt have stumbled across highly acclaimed British audio company Vibe. Given its marketing campaigns coupled with its tremendous success within competition circles it's hard not to. Long term customers of ours will recall we were quite heavily involved with Vibe during the nineties, but due to some circumstances beyond our control the brand took a little hiatus. Moving along though; for today we're excited to announce that it's back with us!

Click on images to enlarge

Vibe was founded in 1993 and has remained committed to designing and manufacturing some of the world's most innovative audio equipment. For more information including a complete history of the company visit the Vibe website or simply shoot us an email.

Thinkware Releases New Camera. - 18/08/16

Hot on the heels of its highly successful F750 internal camera, lens genius Thinkware has now released the much anticipated F770 unit, featuring not only updated abilities but a couple of brand new ones.

Click here for larger photo
Click on images to enlarge

For further information including a full rundown on how the camera works; follow the link located in out web store by clicking here. Alternatively you can also email us for more information.

Kenwood's Stunning New Flagship Receiver. - 17/08/16

With respect to flagship receivers much can be gleaned from aura alone, especially when coupled together with a boisterous marketing campaign. Japanese born Kenwood however prefers to do things a little differently. The fanfare remains a little more discreet, as it prefers to let its receivers do the talking rather than a trumped up marketing campaign. See Kenwood has been developing high quality consumer products since 1946 and has in its possession more technological acumen than most other companies will ever have. This means that when Kenwood introduces a new flagship receiver to the market, those in the know sit up and take notice; as is the case recently with the stunning new flagship DNX8160DABS.

Click here for larger photo
Click on images to enlarge

Although physically similar in frontal appearance to most receivers in the Kenwood stable, the reality is that the part number is not the only thing gargantuan about the new DNX8160DABS. Its ability list is impressive to say the least, spanning literally more than a page just of acronyms alone. Metaphorically speaking the crafty designer has left no rock unturned; cramming an incredible amount of functionality and technology into the standard double DIN sized chassis. For more information click here or simply shoot us an email.

Helix Introduces New G Series Amplifier Range. - 02/08/16

Built to perform but on a modest budget; the new G series amplifiers from Helix are more than just impressive power packs. Marrying innovative technology, extensive functionality and awesome sound quality; they're actually quite affordable too!

Click here for larger photo   Click here for larger photo
Click on images to enlarge

They come in a range of flavours ranging from one through to five channels models. For more information including pricing either email us or click here.

FAQ Page Updated. - 31/07/16

Because we get asked literally hundreds of questions here each week we generally make it a rule of thumb that if we're asked the same question more than five times on any given day, it gets inserted onto the 'Frequently Asked Questions' page located within this website.

It has been updated again today with changes made to the article pertaining to enclosures. To view these this article plus many more covering an entire range of subjects; click here.

Zenec Announces New E>Go Receiver. - 26/07/16

Zenec, producers of arguably the world’s finest integration style receives; has just released a new variant to suit Mercedes Benz.

Click here for larger photo
Click on images to enlarge

Based on the new C10 platform of the Z-N626, the new Z-E4626 boasts some unique features which make it the ideal solution for Motorhomes. Click here for a list of just some the highlights of this new device or simply shoot us an email.

Brax Equipment Now Available. - 17/07/16

If you were a car audio fanatic during the noughties you couldn’t have missed German brand Brax; renowned for producing what was arguably the best amplifiers and speakers available hitherto. Brax took somewhat of a hiatus in recent years however today we’re happy to announce that they’re again available to order!

Click here for larger photo   Click here for larger photo
Click on images to enlarge

Featuring stunning amplifier and speaker stables that boasting specs that simply need to be seen to be believed; the Brax range is sure to satisfy the most stringent of sound quality tastes. As Brax describes; Music is emotion. It is full of power and rhythm, purity and energy, tones and vibrations, joy and vitality. We make amplifiers and loudspeakers that truly express the magic and fascination of music - with love and passion, with precision and knowledge and the absolute ambition to create outstanding products for the pleasure of pure sound.

Click here for larger photo   Click here for larger photo
Click on images to enlarge

With hand selected components and finest materials in combination with technical maturity and ultimate sound perfection the brand BRAX has gained worldwide reputation for its superior quality. Various honours by the world’s major car audio magazines and numerous worldwide innovation awards give proof of our excellent work - made in Germany. For more information pay a visit to the Brax section of our web store. Alternatively feel free to email us for additional information.

New Golf Mk6 and Mk7 Integration Kits From Audison. - 29/06/16

Due to the growing popularity of both the Mk6 and Mk7 Golf; Audison has now evolved its stable to include full system kits for both of these platforms. Featuring plug'n'play amplifier, speakers and subwoofer; throw a little sound deadening into the mix and you’ll have award winning sound in your ride in literally no time at all.

Click on images to enlarge

For more information on these impressive new system kits head over to the Audison website. Also feel free to simply shoot us an email.

Morel Releases New Range Of Components. - 07/06/16

Israeli speaker genius Morel is developing a new range of speakers called Maximus and if the newly arrived Maximus 602 component set is anything to judge by; they'll be sure fire winners. Incorporating various elements from the impressive mid-level Tempo stable, these new drivers are designed to be a significant step above your standard 'factory upgrade' type speakers. Offering impressive performance but without decimating the bank account.

Click on images to enlarge

From the Morel website: With its newly developed high efficiency hybrid magnet motor it delivers lively bass and a powerful overall performance. Even when driven by a factory head unit, it can deliver up to three times more output than the stock system—which shows how a simple upgrade can make a world of difference. For more information pay a visit to the Morel website or simply shoot us an email.

Many Full Retail Pricelists Updated. - 07/06/16

A plethora of latest full retail pricelists have now been uploaded to the products page, the one of most interest is likely to be Focal but there're others too. Changes to the lists include the removal of some items, the addition of others and price revisions all round. For these and various other pricelists, click here. Or feel free to email us.

Titanic Focal BAM XXXL Sound Deadening Group Buy - Don't Miss This One! - 04/06/16

Whilst sitting back recovering from Christmas and New Year period we thought long and hard about what to kick the new year off with sale wise. Now seeing as one cannot argue with the laws of physics; no system can function without sound deadening. Put simply; it's the foundation upon which all high quality systems are built. So we thought we'd commence this year with a massive Focal BAM XXXL deadening group buy.

Click here for larger photo
Click on images to enlarge

We're aiming for over one hundred units this time around, meaning the one off price for each will be absolutely sensational! If you'd like to be part of this group buy and want pricing information please shoot us an email. For further details on the product itself click here.

Pioneer Releases Two New AVIC Receivers. - 28/05/16

When talking receivers, one trend you'll find occurring annually amongst the Japanese behemoths is that one will inch ahead whilst the others play catch-up. Over the years this leadership has switched places more times than a NASCAR event however the last few has seen Pioneer clearly leading the way with its stunning AVIC receivers. This trend doesn't look like changing anytime soon either; for the new AVIC-F80DAB and it's sibling AVIC-F980DAB have just arrived and they're world class, featuring a stunning array of features including AndroidAuto and Apple CarPlay.

Click here for larger photo   Click here for larger photo
Click on images to enlarge

Put simply the AVIC's combine extensive capabilities with spectacular performance, whilst leaving all the redundant aspects you don't need behind. However rather than us rabbiting on about what they can do; why not head over to Pioneer's website for a looksee. Alternatively you can also email us for more information or to obtain Marty's review on the AVIC-F80DAB.

Image Dynamics Subwoofers Back In Stock. - 26/05/16

Over the years hitherto Image Dynamics has enjoyed a somewhat tumultuous importation record, with it being up and down like a yo-yo. The most recent two importers though have restored stability to the brand, and we're happy to announce that moving forward there will hopefully be less shortages in supply of these magnificent beasts.

Click here for larger photo   Click here for larger photo
Click on images to enlarge

Just as a little background information; this is from the Image Dynamics website: In 1993, a group of car audio enthusiasts joined together to create a new product line that would revolutionize the mobile electronics industry. They called this company IMAGE DYNAMICS and it quickly built a reputation for manufacturing innovative and affordable speakers. Living up to the two core statements 'Live Performance' and 'Power' and 'Grace', IMAGE DYNAMICS has become a utopia for the most extreme car audiophile. Simply put, IMAGE DYNAMICS speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers are the choice of the sound enthusiast. To find more information and names in upper case visit the Image Dynamics website or email us.

Mosconi Release Eight Channel Processed Amplifier. - 04/06/14

When talking high end amplification you'll seldom make it through a conversation without Mosconi popping up; and upping the ante on an already impressive stable has seen this tenacious Italian designer now include a new eight channel amplifier with digital sound processing incorporated.

Click on images to enlarge

The Gladen One 60.8 DSP is a class AB design, comprising of eight channels outputting over sixty watts apiece. Also included on board however is Mosconi's award winning 6to8 digital sound processor. Meaning you can power your system and process it at the same time; in essence controlling absolutely every aspect of your sound from the one single unit. For more information visit the Mosconi website or simply email us.

The Venerable Focal K2 Power Range Gets Updated. - 17/05/16

French audio maestro Focal is renowned for updating its stable one range per annum. In recent years we've seen everything from the resilient entry level Access range through to the ultra-astute Utopia range updated, with last year hosting an entire new range in the enamoured Flax components. For years though the K2 Power range has sat idle, remaining arguably at the pinnacle of its game. Because let's face it; if it ain't broke don't fix it right? Well Focal has now decided, um; wrong. Yes believe it or not; Focal has finally taken the sacrosanct K2 Power range and improved upon it - greatly.

Click here for larger photo   Click here for larger photo
Click on images to enlarge

For years some've audaciously protested that Focal products, whilst delectably accurate; just didn't pack enough punch when it came to the fight against many of its opponents. Especially those hailing from just across the ditch, south of Canada and north of Mexico; not that i'll name names of course. Therefore the new range, from the coaxials through to the mighty subwoofers; not only sound absolutely superb but also kick like an angry horse after a night on ice. For more information pay a visit to the Focal website. Alternatively feel free to email us for additional information including Marty's review on the EC165K.

Hertz Mille Legend ML2500.3 Subwoofers Arrive! - 09/05/16

Hot on the heels of the highly successful eight inch ML2000.3 subwoofer; the larger ten inch ML2500.3 is finally here after what can only be described as an eternity. Featuring all the avowed audio extravagance of its smaller sibling; the new ML2500.3 is one impressive subwoofer to behold, as it goes about the business of proving that that 'Legend' tag is far more than just a simple sobriquet.

Click here for larger photo   Click here for larger photo
Click on images to enlarge

From the Hertz website: Music fans who attend live concerts know well the emotions that low undistorted frequencies without dynamic compression can arouse. For this reason, the Hertz R&D created ML 2500.3 Legend car audio subwoofer. During the long development phase, the designers set themselves just one ambitious goal: to transfer the emotions of a live performance to the car environment. In other words; you need to hear these things to believe them! For more information including a full technical specifications pay a visit to the Hertz website or just shoot us an email.

Personalising Your Install. - 09/05/16

So you've just installed all your new audio gear only to discover that whilst your system sounds wonderful, you cannot help but notice it looks just like everyone else's. Now you're faced with an interesting choice; you could spend another five thousand odd dollars glassing, painting and chrome plating everything in sight. However one of the more professional and effective finishing methods is via the employment of our CNC mill to engrave or cut out various shapes, logos, trim panels and other decorative pieces.

Click here for larger photo Click here for larger photo
Click on images to enlarge

These simple and unique touches individualise your installation, highlight various elements and are a far cheaper alternative to the aforementioned financial black holes. The most common items we're asked to manufacture are metallic battery clamps and text plates however the reality is that if you can draw it, we can machine it. For more information and a bucket load of exmaple images, click here

Focal Adds Coaxial Speakers To The Flax Range. - 29/04/16

Given the runaway success that is the Flax component speakers and subwoofers; some would audaciously suggest that coaxial siblings have been a long time coming. Nonetheless; they're here now!

Click here for larger photo
Click on images to enlarge

Available in both 5.25" and 6.5" sizes; the new Flax coaxials are designed to complement the existing splits and subwoofers and whether they're used simply for real fill or as an entire front end; they're sure to appease the harshest of critics. For more information either email us or visit the Focal website.

Focal Releases New In-dash Amplifier. - 22/03/16

Designed for those seeking improved musical clarity and strength whilst at the same time remaining space efficient; the new Impulse amplifier from Focal should prove just the answer. Barely the length of a pen; it's designed to live within tight confines such as behind the dash, happily providing just that little extra in order to bring your music to life in such a way that your standard head unit's amplifier could never hope to achieve.

Click here for larger photo
Click on images to enlarge

Aside from providing addition power and sound quality; the $349 Impulse amplifier also comes with numerous ancillary hardware including harnesses to allow it to literally plug'n'play in many late model cars. For more information visit the Focal website or simply email us.

Morel Virtus Nano Components; Thinking Thin! - 22/03/16

With the release of the new Virtus Nano component speakers Morel proudly proclaim these drivers to be "the shallowest car audio component system in car audio to date!" Audacious yes; but I'm here to tell you it's not far short of the truth. Just check these out:

Click here for larger photo
Click on images to enlarge

With only the Infinity drivers from the nineties immediately springing to mind; there's very few drivers in the world that're not only this thin, but sound this good at the same time. For more information either email us or visit the Morel website.

MTX Audio Announces New Component Speakers. - 21/03/16

Fresh in time for this year MTX Audio has updated its various audio stables, with particular attention being applied to the component speakers. Now we understand you're all quite busy and don't always have copious amounts of free time; ergo like clockwork we've trawled through the lot of them and found the pick of the bunch for you. First up we recommend you eyeball the new TX8652 two way component set if you want to retain the OEM look and feel throughout your ride.

Click here for larger photo
Click on images to enlarge

Whereas if you don't mind the full and obvious custom look and feel; why not give the new Image Pro IP863 three way component set a shot? They're designed in such a fashion that the midbass drivers live in the standard door location whilst the two smaller drivers reside in a custom pod which sits atop of your dash, thereby affording you superior staging and imaging.

Click here for larger photo
Click on images to enlarge

For more information either email us or visit the MTX websites directly by clicking the links above.

Mosconi Gladen Pico 2 – The ‘Very Small’ Amplifier. - 26/01/16

That’s certainly no understatement. Once again Mosconi has raised the bar on power to size ratio with its new Pico 2 amplifier. Seriously; just check out the footprint of this tiny power brick. Minute size, not so minute power!

Click on images to enlarge

With each channel outputting 80 watts; the Pico 2 is perfect for running rear fill; or just added some much needed punch to your somewhat contrite front stage. More information and specifications, feel free to email us or head over to the Mosconi website.

What guarantee do I have? Why come to Fhrx Studio's? - 03/01/16

Here at Fhrx Studio's we believe in two principles above all others - quality of workmanship and customer care. We take the nessessary time to complete installs neatly, safely and correctly. We're not a cheap company and will never been known as one. We utilise numerous proven methods in ensuring the customer gets exactly what they desire with no damage to their vehicle. For more information regarding this, click here.

New Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ System Kits Available. - 03/01/16

Fhrx Studios has been developing audio / visual system kits for various cars for years now and as components improve we develop these kits further to enhance their performance, compatibility and speed. These kits can be customised to match any price point but packages centre around $3000, $6000 and $10000 depending on what level of components you desire and what functionality and connectivity you require. These systems are designed to fully integrate into your Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ without damaging anything (i.e. they're completely reversible when you sell your car) and without rendering any existing equipment redundant such as steering wheel controls. Depending on which particular system kit you choose, they can include some or all of the following components:

  • Receivers including navigation, DAB, iPod, USB and Bluetooth.
  • Reverse cameras
  • Digital sound processors.
  • Roof or head rest mounted screens.
  • Component speakers.
  • Sound deadening.
  • Amplifiers.
  • Subwoofers.
  • Enclosures.
  • As there has been significant advances in both car and interface technologies over the last twelve months, these advances are reflected in the latest versions of our audio / visual system kits. Just a few of our other kits that have had recent advancements affected include:
    • Holden Commodore
    • Lamborghini Gallardo
    • Lamborghini Murcielago
    • Mazda 2
    • Mazda 3
    • Mercedes C-Class
    • Renault Megane
    • Subaru WRX
    • Toyota Aurion
    • Volkswagen Golf
    • Volkswagen Passat
    Although these are the most recent ones upgraded there are literally hundreds of kits to choose from. One important issue to keep in mind is that these kits often contain fully custom fascias, panels and mounting components so not every single model from every single year can be covered (although most are). To check with us for your particular vehicle or for more information on these kits including what is contained within, please email us.

    Sound Deadening Paint In Stock. - 09/12/15

    Because we constantly use sound deadening paint here as part of our arsenal in fighting rattles and resonations, we've actually developed our own. Used primarily for deadening subwoofer enclosures and door pods to remove their resonant ring, the liquid damping compound is a lightweight, water based, viscoelastic vibration damping material that can be used just about anywhere, effectively reducing noise and vibrations in car body panels as well.

    Click on images to enlarge

    Being closer to a solid than a liquid though; it's measured in weight rather than volume. Each container equates to around a litre. You'll need around two litres to completely cover the inside of a standard one cubic foot sealed enclosure. Feel free to contact us for bulk-buy pricing and more info including all the technical specifications.

    Stinger Release The Ultimate RCA Interconnect. - 09/12/15

    Keeping in line with providing you the best interconnect cables in the world; Stinger has just released it's new flagship 9000 series. Featuring all the big words that keep us audiophiles frothing at the mouth; they feature such technology as Rhodium plating, machined copper ends, B.O.D.A technology, 5-layer protection and balanced optimised dual alloy construction; all adding up to providing music so clear you'll think you're in the studio.

    Click here for larger photo
    Click on images to enlarge

    Naturally to celebrate the release of these new interconnects we'll be having a sale. Only a few lenghts are in the country at present but the rest will arrive soon. Simply email us for pricing or alternatively visit the Stinger website by clicking here.

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