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Welcome to the official Fhrx Studios website; thank you for visiting. During your stay feel free to browse the entire website, not only taking in what's shiny and new but also what's ageing and ancient too. Our news articles often run in conjunction with other media outlets including magazines, forums and Facebook. This is because we regularly contribute to the aforesaid media outlets various reviews, tests and articles.

Listed below is the latest incar audio / visual industry news as of Saturday 31st October, 2020. If you have anything to contribute or if you would like us to report on a particular event, product or happening, please feel free to simply shoot us through an email.

Latest Fhrx Studios Sales & Group Buys. - 31/10/20

As many of you already know Fhrx Studios operates within a lot of different forums, websites and social circles. This is conducive to a constant stream of organised group buys. Ergo if you're in the market for some high quality audio products at a drastically reduced price; either shoot us an email or head over to our Facebook page to see what's on the chopping block this week.

Fhrx Studios' Latest Photographic Frivolity. - 31/10/20

Yes ladies and gentlemen it's that time again. Time for yet another trip down visual silliness lane, fresh with the latest home grown images showcasing how we work behind the scenes. So without further ado head over to our Facebook page photo galleries to see what's been happening here recently.

The Top 100 Most Influential Car Audio Products. - 31/10/20

Care to take a trip down memory lane? This article was recently posted on BestCarAudio and explores the top 100 most influential car audio products of all time.

Click here for larger photo
Click on images to enlarge

To read the entire article simply click here. What’s scary is that between us here we’ve owned about half of them and have installed the vast majority of them at one stage or another.

New Toy Time – The ESB 5000 Series Component Sets! - 22/10/20

The new ESB 5000 series component sets have just arrived. As ESB states; Elegance and technology, all Italian. Available now in either K2 two-way or K3 three-way configuration; the 5000 series component speakers fit between the 2000 and 8000 series’ and are arguably some of the finest engineered drivers this planet has ever seen.

Click here for larger photo   Click here for larger photo
Click on images to enlarge

To find out more about this superb range simply visit the ESB website. You can also find them listed within our webstore else feel free to email us for any and all technical information you may require regardign any of the ESB series speakers.

Various Brands Within Our Webstore Updated. - 22/10/20

We've recently updated various brands within our webstore, some of which include Arc Audio, AudioSystem, ESB, Focal, Helix, Hertz, Hybrid, Match, Morel, Scan-Speak and Stinger; to name but a few. Pricing throughout has also been reworked, with many items remaining the same or even being reduced; despite the world going mad this year.

Click here for larger photo
Click on images to enlarge

So if you’re having a slow day at the office or are just stuck in lockdown at home why not head over for a browse? To view the complete list of our current brands either simply click here else you're more than welcome to shoot us an email if you so prefer.

Audiotec Fischer DSP PC-Tool Update. - 20/03/19

For those amongst us who enjoy tuning and tinkering a little more than we ought; the latest version of Audiotec Fischer's DSP PC-Tool is now available for download from its website. For those unaware the DSP PC-Tool is the software we use for tuning all Helix and Brax processors; not just the standalone DSP's but also all the various integrated amplifier DSP's too.

Click on images to enlarge

This new release is version 4.72a, which features various improvements and upgrades upon previous versions. As per the professionalism of Audiotec Fischer; downloading is completely free of charge and can be sourced from the website by clicking here. Ensure you replace your current version, including uninstalling older ones. Feel free to shoot us an email for more information.

ESB Take Out Top Honours With An EISA Award. - 22/08/20

EISA, the European organization dedicated to innovation and sound quality in the audio world; has announced the winners for 2020/2021. The ESB Audio ESB-8000.UMA component set has been recognized as the top in-car speaker system.

Click here for larger photo
Click on images to enlarge

From the website: Italian manufacturer ESB first developed its UMA – mid/high unit – several decades ago for both the hi-fi and car audio industries, and shows no sign of ending its commitment to the dual-driver concept. The 8003 UMA, of ESB’s flagship 8000 Series, is the latest iteration, and places a 1.1in Torcon soft dome tweeter and 3in cellulose fibre-coned midrange within its single precision-machined enclosure. In addition to the elegant design, this speaker offers great sound, aided by excellent power handling and low distortion. Add the weight and drive of ESB’s similarly stylish 6.5in woofer and you have a complete system of superior sonic ability and great value. These and other ESB component speakers are available for purchase through the ESB section of our webstore.

Kenwood's Superb New Flagship Receivers. - 22/08/20

When talking flagship receivers one intrinsically expects a sizable amount of fanfare, especially when coupled with a boisterous marketing campaign. Kenwood however prefers to play things a little differently; it's commotion is more subdued, with the Japanese giant preferring to let its receivers do all the talking rather than a trumped up marketing campaign. See Kenwood has been developing high quality consumer products since 1946 and inherently possesses more technological acumen than most other companies will ever manage. This means that when Kenwood introduces new flagship receivers those in the know tend to sit up and take notice. Such was the case with the announcement of the stunning new DNX9190DABS navigator and DDX9019DABS receiver.

Click here for larger photo   Click here for larger photo
Click on images to enlarge

Although physically similar in frontal appearance to many within the Kenwood stable, in reality the part number is not the only thing gargantuan about these new receivers. Their ability lists are intimidating to say the least, with just the acronyms alone spanning literally pages. Metaphorically speaking the crafty designer has left no rock unturned, cramming an incredible amount of functionality and technology into the standard double DIN sized chassis. For more information visit the Kenwood website or feel free to email us.

Brax Half-Moon Update - That's All Folks! - 24/07/20

We finally got around to trimming the upper surrounds and machining up the Perspex inserts. She's all done and dusted for now. So we have the robust and functional carpet floor for when the car is regularly packed full of boxes, and we can swap that floor out for this more exotic looking one when we need to pretty the boot up a little.

Click here for larger photo   Click here for larger photo
Click on images to enlarge

Nothing too outlandish; just a neat way to finish off a tidy install. Oh, and it sounds alright too. For many more images including various detailed close-ups; head over to our Facebook page photo galleries for a little looksee.

Hybrid Audio Technologies' New Flagship Speaker Range. - 22/06/20

For those familiar with Scott Buwalda and his team at Hybrid Audio Technologies this'll come as no great surprise. The fact that as nice as the existing Legatia components are; this somewhat tenacious American company was never going to rest there. To that end its latest masterpiece has just been released; the superb Legatia X range. Not unlike previous high-end ranges from this master speaker designer the Legatia X also come in a variety of configurations. Ranging from tweeters finished in either black anodised or brushed silver alloy cases through to the midranges possessing cones made from either carbon fibre or a natural pulp based material. You also have the option of selecting either an extended phase plug pole piece or full cone with dust cap, meaning this diverse range is able to satisfy all potential installation configurations and locales.

Click on images to enlarge

From Hybrid Audio Technologies' website: The term "Legatia" is well-known amongst car audiophiles, specialty dealers, and distributors around the world. The Hybrid Audio Technologies Legatia namesake is consistently the winningest brand of speakers for over a decade in organized competition in the USA and abroad. Legatia X celebrates the efficacy of the brand with a series of products that emphasize sound quality reproduction, offered in a variety of bespoke midbass and midrange options. Read more about both the company itself and this exquisite new range of components by visiting the Hybrid Audio Technologies website. Else feel free to shoot us an email for information or simply visit our webstore here.

Focal Flax Evolution Have Arrived! - 24/04/20

Given the considerable size of its speaker stable, it understandably takes French designer Focal a little time to evolve each individual range. In recent years we've seen a new K2 range, then a new Utopia range; and now the impressive Flax range has undergone a complete metamorphosis. Just wait until you see what this master speaker craftsman has done. Or more to the point; wait until you hear them!

Click on images to enlarge

Representing literally years of technological and material advancement; the new Flax Evolution drivers are designed to completely redefine what the term 'mid level' means. If you wish to read more about the history of the Flax Evolution concept and ideology, or get a full run down of the entire range including the technical specifications; simply head over to the Flax Evolution section within the Focal website. You're also welcome to shoot us an email or visit the Flax Evolution section of our webstore for pricing and information.

FAQ Page Updated. - 19/04/20

Because we get asked literally hundreds of questions here each week we generally make it a rule of thumb that if we're asked the same question more than five times on any given day, it gets inserted onto the 'Frequently Asked Questions' page located within this website.

It has been updated again today with changes made to the article named 'Why don't you recommend using shallow subwoofers?'. To view these this and many more articles, covering an wide range of subject topics; please click here.

Brax Matrix ML8 Subwoofer - Perfection In Precision! - 26/02/20

After years of people like us bleating about the lack of serious high-end 8" subwoofer options, indeed some would suggest since the sunset of Focal's formidable Utopia 21WX; astute German designer Brax has now come to the rescue. Heralding a new era of high-end 8" subsonic bliss the new Matrix ML8 subwoofer, not to be confused with the ML8 MID midbass driver; has just been released.

Click on images to enlarge

Now we don't have a great deal of technical information as of yet, but what we do know thus far is as follows:

  • Power: 300 watts rms / 600 watts max
  • Impedance (Z): dual 2 Ohm
  • Resonance frequency (Fs): 32 Hz
  • Total Q factor (Qts): 0.56
  • Maximum linear excursion (Xmax): +/- 9.2 mm
  • Recommended enclosure: sealed 17 litre net volume

Unit price is rumoured to be around the $1499 region. Naturally we've got one on order for our Brax demo car, which should lob any day now. Once here we'll thoroughly measure, test, audition, taste, smell and generally fiddle with it; letting you all know what we think of it. For latest updates on these sensational new subwoofer keep an eye on the subwoofer section of the Brax website. Else feel free to shoot us an email for pricing and information.

Scan-Speak Section Of Our Webstore Updated. - 20/03/19

We've recently updated the Scan-Speak section of our webstore, thus bringing it into line with company's newly released automotive speaker ranges. Please click here if you wish to browse the range of Scan-Speak automotive products including their associated pricing. If you require further information not found upon the website, such as assistance designing your system; please shoot us an email.

Click on images to enlarge

If you're new to the industry and hence not aware of the impressive legacy Scan-Speak encapsulates; this Danish speaker designer has been around for just over half a century now, and during this time has been responsible for some of the best home and automotive drivers known to man. Either directly or indirectly involved in many a design; Scan-Speak has forgotten more about quality speaker design than many companies will ever know. It's also the developmental force behind many mainstream brands' flagship offerings. For further information including the entire history of Scan-Speak plus information pertaining to its extensive home speaker ranges; pay a visit to the official website by clicking here.

New System Kits Available. - 12/09/18

Fhrx Studios has been developing audiovisual system kits for various cars for decades now, continuously evolving these kits as superior components are developed and released. Centreing upon the fiscal points of $3000, $6000 and $10000 these kits are designed to fully integrate with your vehicles OEM equipment. They're completely reversible upon sale of the car and overall serve to offer you a far superior entertainment experience. Kits vary depending on which particular vehicle you have and include some or all of the following components:

  • Receivers including navigation, DAB, iPod, USB and Bluetooth.
  • Digital sound processors.
  • Roof or head rest mounted screens.
  • Reverse cameras
  • Component speakers.
  • Sound deadening.
  • Amplifiers.
  • Subwoofers.
  • With significant advances being made continuously pertaining to both car and interface technologies, we incorporate said advances into our systems kits, resulting in them featuring the very latest equipment. The most recent kits to receive updates include:
    • Skoda Octavia
    • Audi A5
    • Subaru Forester
    • Holden Commodore
    • Lamborghini Murcielago
    • Mazda 3
    • Renault Megane
    • Subaru WRX
    • Volkswagen Golf Mk V
    • Volkswagen Golf Mk VI
    • Volkswagen Golf Mk VII
    These are but a small selection of kits; there're literally hundreds to choose from. One important issue to be mindful of is that these kits often very specific components, therefore sadly not every single model from every single year can be covered. That said that most are, ergo it's best to shoot us an email to see what's available for your particular vehicle.

    The 'Not So Flash' Install Images Page Updated. - 06/08/18

    Yes ladies and gentlemen; it's time for more random visual silliness, this time around showing exactly how not to do it! You know that saying "you can price match but you cannot install quality or experience match"? Well it's spot on - see cheap installs are exactly that and to that end a frightening proportion of our work here comes from fixing these types of installations. So click here to behold what you'll get for your cheap or free install.

    Kicker Makes A Return To Fhrx Studios. - 05/07/18

    If you're a American dweller and're into your high end audio you'll do doubt have stumbled across highly acclaimed audio company Kicker. Given its marketing campaigns coupled with its tremendous success within competition circles it's hard not to. Long term customers of ours will recall we were quite heavily involved with Kicker during the nineties, but due to some circumstances beyond our control the brand took a little hiatus. Moving along though; for today we're excited to announce that it's back with us!

    Click on images to enlarge

    Kicker was founded in 1973 and has remained committed to designing and manufacturing some of the world's most innovative audio equipment. For more information including a complete history of the company visit the Kicker website or simply shoot us an email.

    Titanic Focal BAM XXXL Sound Deadening Group Buy - Don't Miss This One! - 13/06/18

    We'll admit this one was completely unplanned. Basically someone just ordered a swag boxes therefore we thought we'd put the feelers out to see if anyone wanted to join in on the order? If you'd like to take part just head to our website here and put in the code BAMFB at the check out to receive the group buy discount.

    Click here for larger photo
    Click on images to enlarge

    Please note; the code will only remain valid for a limited time. We're aiming for over one hundred units this time around, meaning the one off price for each will be absolutely sensational!

    Click here for larger photo   Click here for larger photo
    Click on images to enlarge

    If you'd like any additional information regarding the sale shoot us an email. For further details on the product itself simply pay a visit to the Focal website by clicking here.

    Brax / Helix / Match Rejuvenates Website. - 30/05/18

    German behemoth Audiotec-Fischer, proud parent of Brax, Helix and Match components; uploaded its brand new website overnight. Newly refreshed; this stunning new online presentation looks exceptional, feels warm and fluffy and tastes terrific too! Featuring the entire stables of Brax, Helix and Match components; the new Audiotec-Fischer website is plentiful in the extreme, and chock full of information and product rundowns.

    Click on images to enlarge

    So if you're looking to become one of the literally millions of content customers of these incredible products why not head over to the new Audiotec-Fischer website for an eyeball? Alternatively feel free to email us for further information.

    What guarantee do I have? Why come to Fhrx Studio's? - 16/05/18

    Here at Fhrx Studio's we believe in two principles above all others - quality of workmanship and customer care. We take the nessessary time to complete installs neatly, safely and correctly. We're not a cheap company and will never been known as one. We utilise numerous proven methods in ensuring the customer gets exactly what they desire with no damage to their vehicle. For more information regarding this, click here.

    New JL Audio Ford Mustang Stealthbox. - 06/05/18

    American behemoth JL Audio has been producing its famous Stealthbox designs for years hitherto, with the stable growing to encompass an astounding number of vehicles ranging from sports cars right through to family vans. Not surprisingly it's recently developed a Stealthbox for the ever popular Ford Mustang.

    Click here for larger photo   Click here for larger photo
    Click on images to enlarge

    For pricing and availability information please shoot us an email. For a full run down of technical specifications, including information pertaining to JL Audio's other Stealthbox designs; pay a visit to the JL Audio website.

    Fhrx Studios' Testimonies. - 25/04/18

    Confirming what's been long suspected; here's proof positive that the hearing abilities of the Fhrx Studios team are from another planet. To read the full commentary on the Sydney SQ Society FaceBook page see the first few links within our testimonies section.

    Many Full Retail Pricelists Updated. - 03/04/18

    A plethora of latest full retail pricelists have now been uploaded to the products page, the one of most interest is likely to be Focal but there're others too. Changes to the lists include the removal of some items, the addition of others and price revisions all round. For these and various other pricelists, click here. Or feel free to email us.

    Personalising Your Install. - 03/02/18

    So you've just installed all your new audio gear only to discover that whilst your system sounds wonderful, you cannot help but notice it looks just like everyone else's. Now you're faced with an interesting choice; you could spend another five thousand odd dollars glassing, painting and chrome plating everything in sight. However one of the more professional and effective finishing methods is via the employment of our CNC mill to engrave or cut out various shapes, logos, trim panels and other decorative pieces.

    Click here for larger photo Click here for larger photo
    Click on images to enlarge

    These simple and unique touches individualise your installation, highlight various elements and are a far cheaper alternative to the aforementioned financial black holes. The most common items we're asked to manufacture are metallic battery clamps and text plates however the reality is that if you can draw it, we can machine it. For more information and a bucket load of exmaple images, click here

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